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We respect your privacy

We respect your privacy and make sure that any information you share with us is treated with due care.

  • we use functional cookies to ensure the proper functioning of this website

  • we use anonymous analytical cookies to create website statistics. Our statistical reports are only for internal use.

  • we do not use tracking cookies to follow your behaviour

Third party cookies

This website is built on the Wix platform. Wix places anonymous cookies to monitor website traffic and performance.

Submitted information

We treat all information that you submit to our website through the contact form as strictly confidential.

We do not sell information

We never sell or share information with third parties.

You can contact us

We do our best to adhere to the latest privacy laws (AVG/GDPR). If you think we have done anything that does not comply with these laws, please let us know via e-mail. Our contact details are:

Rua de Vermil, Edificio S. José No. 135, apt. 25

4750-778 Vila Boa - Barcelos - Portugal  |  Tel: +351915036780

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