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About us

We’d like to be your partner if you’re looking for the best in Portuguese textiles, based not only on capability and price, but also on common goals, trust and understanding. 

As one of the first in Portugal to produce GOTS certified garments, we have extensive knowledge of working with strict standards for health, safety and the environment. 

We like to work with brands that are concerned with the environment and wish to help minimize eco footprints and create a more  sustainable apparel business culture. 

We also believe in organic working relationships. Creating sustainable partnerships comes naturally to us. 


The Be Organic team offers over 3 decades of experience in all the fields of the textile industry, including design, fit development, technical tests, sampling processes, production management and quality control.

In previous jobs, we’ve handled the accounts of Esprit, Tom Tailor Group, Mexx, Porsche design and BMW, including the entire BMW GOTS program. Currently, we work for some of the most sustainable brands in Europe.


We’re highly experienced in fashion with very short lead times, quality and sustainability. 


Let's make a difference together

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